From the founding parents in 1970, Stefano and Andrea have revised the handmade chain, bringing it into the modern era with new finishes and making it a piece of precious jewelry. Satin and diamond hand-finishes are harmoniously and equitably used to transform the simple chain into a jewel.
From the most ancient time, such as in Ancient Egypt, the chain has played the prominent role in necklaces and pendants.
During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, it was exhibited as an ostentation of wealth, during the Art Decò in France it has appeared in with more geometric shapes.

Stefano Bolzon: CEO and Production Manager
Andrea Bolzon: CEO and Creative Director

Chains are among the most loved jewels in history and are the undisputed main character of each collection. Bolzon has created gold chains with the perfect mix of elegance and modernity.
The company has always been committed to offering its craftsmanship rather than just producing gold pieces.
"We set ourselves not to follow forced technology by finding a perfect balance between our handmade products and important market’s demand" - Andrea Bolzon - creative director.

Clean lines, geometric, timeless classic design. Proportions and details are the key to make a sinuous and beautiful product.
The satin finishing and quality control are among the foundations of the company.
Only the hand touch and the experience can make a glossy and brilliant finish.

Quality control, like satin finishing, is the foundation of the company.

Technical, aesthetic and quality control guarantee the high standards of our jewelry.

Thanks to our LUXE satin-finishing technique, the shiny and brilliant jewel is enriched with a new light. Games of reflections that make it unique.

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